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Project Video
    • Project Video

      What Is It?

      Project Video is a media based initiative of the Wycliffe Bible Translators to bring the Gospel to Asia.

      How Does It Work?

      This initiative requires two parts for it to be succesful: Ministry and Mission

      The Ministry is what the ethnic evangelists in Asia are currently doing by creating and dubbing these videos into the native language.

      The Mission is what St. Matthew Lutheran Church will be doing. By partnering with the Ministry, we will be raising funds for them to continue to do the work of dubbing, creating and editing these videos so that the Gospel will be proclaimed!

      What Can I Do?

      1. Pray for Project Video and those involved.

      2. Enjoy the pictures that our service volunteer Amy has brought back!

      3. Consider supporting another service volunteer.


      If you have any questions regarding this wonderful mission opportunity, please feel free to contact the church office or the church staff!


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